Tuesday, February 07, 2017

Thoughtful texts and nice complements on training

My guy and I have a 10.5-hour time difference these days. Luckily, when I start my day at work, he is done eating dinner and is catching up on work in his hotel room.

Just before my guy wakes up in the morning, I will send him a text message, wishing him a great day. When I start my morning, he will do the same. It gives us time to briefly converse and see how we're doing.

He's still adjusting to the time difference. He is in Chennai for two weeks. By the time he is fully adjusted, it'll be time for him to return home.

Last week, I finished training our latest contractor at work. I continue to train my two co-op students.

A few weeks ago, my guy asked me whether I was getting sick of training folks. He does it for a living and was at the stage where he felt like he was a broken record with the content. Although I tend to train different folks on similar content, there are changes to procedures that keep me on my toes. So far, with each student that I end up working with, their assignments have been completely different.

My guy is pressed to deliver new content for his upcoming course offering. To say that he is busy is quite the understatement. The change will be good for him. He won't sound like a broken record for a bit, as he continues to fine-tune his course material.

On Monday, my manager and I interviewed a candidate who knows our latest contractor. After the interview, the candidate asked whether she could say hi to her friend. We were both game.

The new contractor said in front of her friend and my manager that I am a hoot. She also said that I am an excellent, patient, logical trainer.

It's nice to hear such kind words. I never paid her anything!


  1. It's nice that your time difference is so convenient for you and your guy, CB. Is your guy coming home after, Chennai or does he have another assignment? What a lovely compliment to hear from your contractor...it always feels good to hear nice things...especially when you didn't pay for them. ;)

    Hugs and blessings...Cat

    1. My guy is expected to come home after Chennai, but there may be a last-minute gig that he has to do. It still isn't finalized, so I am hoping that it doesn't happen!