Thursday, February 16, 2017

Sweet memories of roses

On Tuesday afternoon, my guy and I chatted on Skype. It's pretty often that we do not celebrate Valentine's Day because we are not physically in the same city.

This fact hasn't bugged us. We know that we love each other.

We talked about when he got me a dozen roses just after Valentine's Day a few years ago.
"I liked when we walked to our cars and you were looking around before giving me a beautiful bouquet of roses," I said.
"Yes, I wanted you to have them," he replied.
"They were beautiful. I took a photo, which is on my Nexus 7's lock screen. I still have the dried version of those roses, but I could use some new ones," I said to him lovingly.
"If I were in town, I would definitely get you a replacement," he advised.
"I know. It was a romantic gesture that evening and it's a wonderful memory," I remarked.
"Yes, it was night. I wanted something special for you," he recalled.
The moment seems so fresh in our minds. It's nice.


  1. sweet, CB. The unexpected gestures are the best, aren't they! :)

    Hugs and blessings...Cat