Saturday, December 22, 2018

Welcome kisses, hugs, gropes, and caresses

On Friday, my team had a little get-together before Christmas. We ended up watching a movie and ordering lunch in. It was fun.

While watching the movie, my guy called me. I had to redirect his call to my voicemail. I also ended up texting him.

He was at our favourite shawarma place by work .He asked me whether I'd like to join him. I explained the whole group lunch-movie combo. I asked if he had time to swing by the office. He advised that he didn't have his badge. I let him know that it didn't matter. I asked that he drop by reception and text me. I'd then come to him.

He did just that. I came out of the room where we were having our function and greeted him. I then moved us to a room where I needed to badge us in, but he didn't need to.

We looked at each other once the door closed. I made the first move to kiss him on the lips. We have longed to kiss each other for nearly four weeks. I hugged him with one arm and caressed his perfectly uniform head with the other.

Meanwhile, my guy continued to kiss me and grope my buttocks. I have missed all that.

We were probably in this kiss-hug-caress-grope period for nearly five minutes. When we finally separated, we had this brief conversation:
"That's a nice welcome," he said, smiling.
"I agree," I said.
I'm thankful that he is back home in my arms.

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