Saturday, December 15, 2018

Exhausting week and questioning comprehension

What a long week! I'm exhausted.

I wrapped up a major release and pushed out a minor one. I got my little team consisting of two students and me to train a new employee on our team. It's good that she has been hired to take over some of my development tasks. However, I am still unsure about how I feel about her.

The way that she learns and comprehends puzzles me. She talks a lot. Information relayed to her doesn't register in her head.

She had a question about a feature and what the difference was between the options. I asked if she wanted to try one of the options out. She said with authority, "No!" That's not a good sign if you are all questions, you can retain answers, and you are hesitant to explore.

Yes, she talks a ton. It's to the point where I have to tune out. She also sounds like a little girl and she's nearly thirty years old. It's difficult to listen to her.

I am hoping that next week will fly by. I'm simply glad that the weekend is here.


  1. And I am wondering what is really annoying you about this girl.... Not her voice per se. Not her lack of inquisitiveness. It's something else. Don't worry I'll find out in your next posts...


    1. I'm still not exactly sure, Han. She's the most difficult person I have ever trained. Little information seems to register in her head. I have a feeling that she isn't cut out to work with software or technology.