Friday, December 14, 2018

Saying thanks does the world good

I am in a thankful mood these days. I tend to say thanks all the time to those who have helped me along the way. However, I get to do more these days.

At work, we have a program where we can write something nice to someone, to recognize their accomplishments. For the longest time, I have seen our office coordinator do a bunch of tasks, such as helping me out when I have new employees or students joining my team, bringing in snacks and munchies to life everyone's spirits, and just being who she is. She does so much and rarely gets the recognition that she truly deserves.

I often say thanks to her in person or in e-mails. I decided to write something nice in our accomplishments application.

She told me that I made her day with my kind words. Mission accomplished.


  1. The holiday season must have got to you, girl with the naughty name. It feels good to do good.


    1. It does feel wonderful! It's that time of the year.