Friday, January 13, 2017

Shopping and technology

My guy and I share a love for shopping. Just before Christmas, a number of items had arrived from the States.

I lived in Minnesota for two years. I developed a love for watching QVC and ordering a number of items at decent prices. At one point, after I had moved back to Canada, QVC shipped up here. It then decided to stop doing that.

I found a service that provides you an address in the States. You provide this address as your shipping address. This service then takes your shipments sent to your U.S. address and ships them to its Canadian warehouse at reasonable rates. Since I learned about this service, I use it as often as I need to.

The good news is that I work pretty close to the pickup location that it is effortless to fetch my shipments. The folks there are kind and helpful. I actually ordered a fairly weighty baker's rack. The gentleman managed to place it in my car, which included the two of us shifting it around in my car to make it fit.

One item that I love these days that I had ordered from QVC is my Amazon Echo. It's a speaker, but you can ask Alexa pretty much anything. I ask her to provide me the current weather forecast, play specific songs, lower or hike up the volume, set alarms, and more. It is a ton of fun so far. My Echo is white, which I didn't realize that it typically is black.

Amazon Echo is not available in Canada for purchase. I didn't realize that fact! It works wonderfully. The sound is great and it recognizes my voice!

During the Boxing Day sale at Best Buy, which ended up lasting for what seems to be weeks, I got a new printer. I haven't printed anything to it yet, as I just got around to unpacking it yesterday. I do like the fact that I can send files or photos from my phone to the printer. Fancy!

My guy isn't surprised that I have these items. I love technology and I am his geeky gadget girl. I tried to convince him that I am a good geeky gadget girl, but he manages to always tell me that I am far from being good.


  1. That's a cool service you have, CB...shipping costs from the US to any other country are astronomical! I've heard about the Echo but due to the fact that my ISP is not stable, it would not be worth the cost or aggravation for me. If I'm ever able to sell this place and move somewhere that has more stable, reliable and cost efficient internet, I will probably buy one. Hmmm...I do believe you and your guy agreed that you were his naughty, geeky, gadget girl aka his naughty 3G. ;)

    Hugs and blessings...Cat

    1. Shipping costs can be horrendous with the regular shipping methods when I buy goods from the States, so I am lucky that I have found a place that ships anything to me at reasonable rates.

      When you do have a stable Internet connection, I do recommend Amazon Echo. I recommend having one. It's useful and fun!

      I like Naughty 3G as my nickname. I will suggest it to my guy. =)