Friday, January 27, 2017

Cloning me leads to more spankings and pleasure?

It has been an interesting week or so. Let's just say that this entire week has flown by because being busy does wonders.

Just over two weeks ago, I started training two co-op students. They are sweet, intelligent, and hard-working.

This week, I am training a new contractor. She's funny. She is older than I am.

I have noticed that contractors tend to get confused with which password to enter on what computer system. It has been the case with three contractors that I have trained within the past four months.

The problem is trying to make sure that my small team of the original contractor, the two co-op students, and my new contractor are all okay. Everyone is understanding that I am only one person. The original contractor has suggested that I be cloned.

Would being cloned truly be beneficial to the world? I don't know.

Perhaps my guy would like the idea of having more than one me when we are intimate. I can only imagine him spanking multiple me clones and all of us pleasuring him.

Perhaps this cloning idea isn't that bad after all. Hmm...


  1. LOL CB...if you were cloned, one of you could be at work, while another did laundry and housework. That would leave you and another clone to get spanked while your clone pleasures your guy. ;)

    Hugs and blessings...Cat

    1. Cloning sounds far more inviting after reading your analysis. When can the cloning begin? =)