Tuesday, January 03, 2017

Seat sale on a flight and approval from my guy on my plane ticket

I have two more days of vacation left before I go back to work. I wish that I could be so relaxed like I have been so far.

During the holidays, I managed to book my flight and hotel to visit Shanghai in late May. Yes, I am planning my next block of time away from work.

I have been thinking about doing this trip for three years. Thanks to a Boxing Day seat sale, I managed to nab a decent price.

I told my guy about how much I paid for my round-trip price. He was pleased.
"That's cheap," he replied.
"It's cheap bastard-approved?" I asked him.
"Yes, you're a good CB apprentice."
My next task is to get a photo taken for my tourist visa. Ah, the joys of paperwork!


  1. So excited for you, CB! Is it a tour group or are you going to tour on your own? Is your guy going to be able to visit Shanghai with your? Or maybe get assigned there for work at the same time? How long are you going to be there? Sorry for all the questions...I love to hear about people traveling.

    Hugs and blessings...Cat

    1. Thanks, Cat! I am so excited that I went out and got my photos for my visa application. Of course, I have five months to get it done, but I want to get it done now!

      I'm going on my own, with the thought of visiting my cousins in Hong Kong. My guy may join me, but it depends on his travel schedule. So, he'll have a better idea within the next couple of months. He did visit Hong Kong for work years ago, so it may be a possibility for him to return. He loved it there.

      I am there for over two weeks. My boss will go crazy if I take all my vacation days at once. I may also burn out later in the year if I do that!