Friday, January 06, 2017

First day back at work with revelations

I survived my first day back at work. I shouldn't be surprised, but my first day back at work seems to be different than most.

I figured out why I tend to be working with writers that I typically don't work closely with. It turns out that the two most experienced writers, when you exclude me, have dropped the ball on coaching other writers. Instead, these neglected writers have turned to me.

My manager and I had a good planning session on what our team will be doing this year. He revealed this important piece of the puzzle to me on the lack of support provided by these two writers.

As an example, I worked with a writer in Brazil on a software release that I typically don't work on. She genuinely appreciated my help, as it's a new process for all of us.

I have noticed recently that the contractor tends to be clingy. She isn't as independent as I had originally thought. I gave her work to do that was pretty straightforward. Yet, she still wanted to talk to me. I had to postpone meeting with her.

My first day back always consists of going through hundreds (I am not even close to exaggerating) e-mails and answering them. Besides working on a software release with another writer, I had to make sure that the new co-op student that I am training next week has a set of e-mails that I tend to forward with important work-related details. I also have to ensure that she has access to various applications to do her job.

I had a discussion with my boss about my findings on the contractor. He was also surprised that she is still dependent on me when she works on tasks. I see her being the stereotypical introverted writer the more she works. During my entire time away from work on vacation, she didn't send me a single e-mail. Today, she decided to bombard me with e-mail updates after I had prompted her to provide status on something.

Anyway, I like that tomorrow is Friday. All workweeks should be short!


  1. I went back to work Tuesday and still have not finished wading through all the blasted emails. Sorry your contractors are so clingy...that's rough. My manager has each team member create a one page or less PowerPoint slide on what we completed the previous week, work in progress and planned but not started work. We also have to identify what work is "on schedule", "behind schedule" or "in trouble". If you instituted something like this, it might help keep emails down. ;)

    Hugs and blessings...Cat

    1. It's understandable after being away to have a ton of e-mails to sift through. I hope that you have been good at easing back into the work swing of things.

      That's a good idea. My role is going through a change where I am working on process improvements on our team. I like the concept of using a slide to indicate how things are going with various task. I will need to see how the team feels about this tactic. =) Thanks!