Sunday, January 22, 2017

Kissing the hand of your loved one

I didn't watch the entire inauguration ceremony of Friday. I was at work, but was likely driving over to a restaurant for lunch. It is now a team event to go every Friday to a restaurant.

My manager created a list of restaurants close by work. He then used a random generator to decide which restaurant appears on the list each week of this year. Yes, it sounds like he has way too much time on his hands. I'm glad he is a foodie, though. I like the idea of bonding with your colleagues. At least we all tend to get along.

Anyway, there was a clip where Melania Trump walked down a set of steps, escorted by a soldier, to stand next to her husband. They locked eyes and smiled at each other.

Immediately after that, Michelle Obama was escorted by another soldier down a set of stairs to stand next to her husband, Barak Obama. He reached over to hold her hand and kiss it. Michelle squeezed the hand of the soldier and thanked him.

I like public affection. The former President's gesture of kissing his wife's hand reminds me of my guy doing the same to me. He does it often. I have always loved when he does that. Sometimes, he'll kiss both my hands.

I miss my guy. He is on his way home.


  1. It's nice that your boss encourages and is willing to pay for activities that foster camaraderie, CB. So very happy your guy is on his way home. Are you going to pick him up at the airport and spend some extra time with him?

    Hugs and blessings...Cat

    1. My guy's flight came in at 6 am on Sunday morning. He wanted me to sleep in, so we'll make up for lost time soon. =)