Sunday, January 15, 2017

Polite students and happy reminders of my guy

It is nice to be working with co-op students again. I have missed how attentive and eager to learn they are. The two young women that I am fortunate to work with these days are polite. They make it a habit to say goodnight to me before they leave for the day, which is sweet.

It makes me think about my colleagues. Folks on my writing team have the same pattern of wishing one another a good evening when they leave for the day and they are in the vicinity. When I look at software developers working in the same vicinity, it is never the case. They just pack up and leave without saying a thing.

I don't get why that is the case. Perhaps it is because they have been quietly coding all day that they are exhausted and want to leave without saying boo.

For me, especially these days when I am training students and talk all day, I still manage to talk to people. Perhaps it's just who I am.

My manager does not believe that I am genuinely a quiet person. I am sociable. However, to get things done, I do need peace. I concentrate much better without any unnecessary distractions.

I miss my guy. I pass by his car after work and I look at it in the parking lot at work. The car is fine. I miss the owner of it and his voice. I long to physically see him, hold him, and love him.

One of my students has the same cell phone model as my guy. I went grocery shopping at one of his favourite grocery stores on Saturday. Various objects remind me of him. I know that he feels the same way when he misses me, too.

He will be back soon. I am looking forward to seeing him at work for a couple of weeks.


  1. So very happy you have attentive and eager students, CB...that is certainly a joy. Never have understood why people don't say goodnight when they leave for the day but sometimes when I was in the office, I would look up and everyone would be goodbyes. :(

    Hopefully your guy will be home soon and you two can have a lovely and loving reunion. Possibly pick him up at the airport and take him back to your place for the weekend. You could then drive into work together where he would have his car at the end of the day. Hope your weather is doing better.

    Hugs and blessings...Cat

    1. I'm counting down the days till I see him, Cat. You always have wonderful suggestions. It sounds like a great plan!

      Our area got freezing rain, just in time for the rush hour commute. Luckily, it wasn't that bad when I drove to work yesterday morning. Still, I dislike freezing rain!