Monday, January 30, 2017

The weekend and my car

Weekends are far too short. I blink and it's over.

I haven't described what is going on with my car, bluie. A couple of weeks ago, I noticed some scratches and scuff mark on the driver side's rear door, as well as over the body's rear tire. I had come out of the grocery store and noticed them.

I went ahead and called my insurance company about the next steps. The representative said that I was not at fault, which wasn't groundbreaking. I truly did not know what happened. I could only speculate that a car had brushed mine.

She indicated that I simply needed to file a report at the police collision centre within 24 hours. After that, I could provide all the details to my insurance company, and then get an estimate from a body shop.

I went to the police collision centre. Naturally, it was a weird setup. You take a number and wait. I waited for about an hour before I spoke to someone. These days, someone there fills out the report for you.

In my case, I was reporting a hit-and-run incident. So, I had to show a police officer the damage. He ruled out a shopping cart had made the scratches and estimated at least $800 damage. He was nice. He helped me with the remaining details of my report. Another person took photos of my car. I then drove home.

I called my insurance and filed a claim. The next step was to bring my car to the body shop. After inspection, my appointment was set for last Wednesday to bring the car in.

So, I have been driving a rental car since last Wednesday. It drives nicely. I miss my car, though. As a result, my car's treehouse has been out of commission for a bit. Naturally, it's nice that my guy's treehouse is available.

My car is expected to be ready on Tuesday. We'll see. It's nice that everyone has been great at making sure that my car will be fixed. It's a year old today.


  1. Sorry Bluie got damaged but happy the reporting process has been relatively painless. Have fun re-christening your treehouse! ;)

    Hugs and blessings...Cat

    1. Thanks, Cat. I do miss driving Bluie. He's coming home soon. =)