Thursday, January 19, 2017

Yelp and sex toys

I like Yelp out of all social media out there. I enjoy photography. I take photos of food, to remember what I have eaten. I write for a living. And, I love to travel. It's the perfect social medium for me.

I decided to do a search for spanking in Yelp. When I was typing the word as my search criterion, the app automatically indicates spanking/masssage. That's interesting...

There is a sex shop that intrigued me in the search results. Come As You Are Co-operative has some interesting sex toys. There are restraints that are vegan. I didn't realize that they existed. I also like all the selection of coloured rope.

I tend to get my various pleasure toys and more from There is a lot of selection, especially with paddles and dildos. There are always sales and the company ships your goodies in a discreet box.

Perhaps it's time to look at new toys. Yay!


  1. Thanks for sharing, CB...will have to go take a look at those sites...have never been on Yelp. I'm not big on social media...the only reason I joined FB was to keep track of my kiddos and now Instagram as that's where my oldest posts videos and pictures of my grands.

    Hugs and blessings...Cat

    1. It makes sense, Cat. I like Facebook because I have moved around and I can keep in touch with everyone there. I limit the number of social media sites that I access, to keep me sane! I do love Instagram and hope that you do, too.