Thursday, October 02, 2014

Do I really need a reason why I shouldn't be spanked?

My guy and I had one of our longest Skype chats on the weekend. It started at around 22:00 local time for me. I actually had to stop our chat at 01:30 because I had to shower and also empty my bladder. It's kind of funny, but I had worked out just before he had called me, so I really did need to freshen up and not have my bladder explode.

Anyway, just before all of that, my guy and I had a ten-minute chat as to why I needed to be spanked. A part of it went something like the following:
"But, I am a good girl. So, you don't have to spank me," I stated rather unconvincingly.
"You are never a good girl. You deserve what is coming to your attractive bare bottom," he replied.
"Well, you are far away, so my bottom is safe from mean people like you."
"I know how bad girls like you behave. You need a lot of punishment and I will need to make sure that your bare bottom is sore after I am done with you."
Needless to say, I was extremely turned on after that chat. My guy and I got off just after my shower. It was 03:30 when I said goodnight to him. He remotely kissed me goodnight and tucked me into bed.

If he isn't by my side, hearing his voice over Skype is a pretty good alternative.


  1. Skyping sounds like the best. That is so cool that you can see each other every time you want. Hope he remembers his promises, lol

    1. For sure! Yes, he remembered his promise and delivered. =)