Thursday, October 16, 2014

Levels of soreness after a spanking

As my guy and I have got to know each other over the years, my guy spanks me a lot harder these days than he used to.

When we started dating, it was cute how tentative and concerned he was about spanking me too hard. Months later, he asked me if he could spank me harder. Since I gave him my approval, he hasn't looked back. Well, he has looked at my backside to admire his work after administering a spanking, but you know what I mean.

The last two spankings that I have received were by far the hardest ones that I have received from him. Normally, the soreness after such a fun spanking session lasts a day or two. The last two spankings have lasted for nearly three days. I liked that feeling of being thoroughly spanked and having that constant reminder when sitting down on a not-so-comfortable chair or bench.

I like playfully whining to my guy after being spanked, days after the fact.
"My bottom is still sore. It is going on to day three," I said to him at lunch the other day.
"Good," he replied, wolfing down his chicken teriyaki on rice. "I like inflicting pain."
"Geez, that sounds pretty sadistic. I have created a pain-inflicting monster!"
"Nah, I just enjoy spanking you hard and seeing your cute bottom turn various shades of pink."
I'm simply glad that he continues to love spanking me.

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