Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Wednesday kiss and dill

As many of you know, I write for a living. My writing style on my blog is far different than what I write about at work. With the latter, I am generally describing to readers how to perform various hardware and software tasks.

It's different on my blog. I write to share what has happened to me recently. I'm not telling anyone to do anything. I am simply writing about my thoughts, feelings, and experiences. I then share them with you.

I found this draft post, which is dated April 16, 2014. My guy was still battling depression, but he seemed to be slowly getting out of that dark period. We were still working at the old office.

Here goes...

I met my guy for lunch at our usual Chinese restaurant. We circled the parking lot together. I pointed to a parking spot for him. I ended up parking a bit further.

He waited for me, and then we walked into the restaurant together. It was packed. We are regulars there. We got a table wiped down quickly. We are always greeted promptly.

I ordered the lemon chicken. He went with the broccoli chicken.

Our chat was good. I teased him about ironing, removing stains from his clothing, and attempting to find his car at Costco.

He noticed my blue sweater that I was wearing and said that it looked new. I think that he is slowly coming out of his depression.

I teased him some more to the point where he playfully tossed his napkin at me. I couldn't help but to grab his hand. We held hands across the table. It was nice.

He wore a light blue, checkered shirt. He confessed that he was getting tired of ironing. It's sort of surprising. He is good at ironing and rarely finds it to be a chore. However, he is more into convenience these days. He'd rather wear something that doesn't require hauling out the ironing board and iron.

We drove back to the office in our respective cars. I must have beat him to it by a large margin. I didn't see his car in sight.

After work, I dropped by the training room. We talked about instant ginger tea. I teased him some more about his need for exerting the least amount of energy to perform tasks. It was a nice chat.

I closed the door. I caressed his head. He got up and wanted to give me a hug. It felt good.

I asked if i could kiss him. He was fine with that. I kissed him on the cheek. He played with my right cheek by sliding his hand in my navy blue pant pocket. He was groping me. I was playing with his chest.

He told me that he felt guilty for not making me feel good. I told him that it was okay under the circumstances. He was making me wet as he continued to grope my buttock.

He looked at me longingly. He initiated a kiss on the lips. It was a nice, long kiss. I got to lick his lips. They were so full and sweet.

My guy has to work on Good Friday. I asked if I could join him for lunch and crash his training session, as I didn't have anything planned that day. He was game.

He shared his cabbage rolls stuffed with rice with me. It had dill in it. I loved them. He learned that I have a love for dill. He said that he didn't even notice it.

My guy often eats without knowing what he has eaten. He smiled when I called him out on it.

I told him about Applebee's and how I used to order the chicken fingers. The place had honey dill dipping sauce. It went away and I was crushed. Luckily, I can make my own whenever I want to.

We left work an hour later. We embraced before we parted and headed home. Both the taste of his sweet lips and of dill lingered as I licked my lips.


  1. What a sweet post CB. I am so sorry your guy suffers from depression...sending lots of positive energy that he has it under control.

    I love dill also! I found a Dijon Dill veggie dip at Walmart and the Dijon doesn't overwhelm the Dill! I love it!

    Hugs and Blessings...

    1. Thanks, Cat. His depression started before I met him. I see all facets of his depression. He is hanging in there these days and is definitely more upbeat than he was back in April.

      I love that you are a dill fan, too. I hope that the Walmart here has the same dijon dill veggie dip. I will need to do a bit of research.

      I love dill so much that I end up finding fresh dill at the supermarket and sniffing it.

      Hey, I could get high on more potent substances. =)

    2. If your Walmart has the dip, it will be in the fresh veggie section and it is Marketside brand. I love the smell of fresh dill...also love the scent of fresh cilantro...sniff it in the store also. :D

      Hugs and Blessings...

    3. Will do. I will sniff and check everything out this weekend. =)

  2. I'm glad you share them with us, girl with the naughty name. Glad to hear your guy is feeling better now. I'm sure being with you helping him where you could really made the difference.

    Take care of yourself (and a little of your guy),

  3. Thanks, Han. I try my best to be supportive and I can tell that he appreciates it.