Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Patching up things and booking a hotel for next month

In general, my guy and I don't have too many disagreements, but we did last week. It has been a series of things that has built up, which caused us to both unload our feelings and talk things through.

The talk was good and much needed. We both felt relieved and less stressed.

My guy can get pretty paranoid, which puts a damper on things. Although we are pretty good at not putting our hands on each other in the office, he ends up putting unnecessary restrictions on various details.

Next month, my guy and I will be in Turkey. He will be there for two weeks for work. I will come join him a week later. I will be on vacation for a week. He always likes when I keep him company. It gives us more time together after work to dine, talk, shop, and be tourists together.

My guy tends to stay at the closest hotel to the office. It makes logical, perfect sense. However, he wanted me to initially stay at a different hotel, in case colleagues recognize both of us at the hotel and spread some sort of vicious rumours about us.

So, I had it. I told him that a lot of people know that we're an item, but the likelihood that colleagues in Turkey would know who I am is slim. It also isn't cost-effective for us to be staying at two different hotels, commuting between the two to meet up. And, how about quality time? It may seem exciting to have two places to cuddle and be intimate, but the setup is an unnecessary inconvenience.

I told him flat out that we need to stay in the same hotel. We compromised. He agreed that the hotel closest to the office didn't have much around there.

Today, he wrote me an e-mail and said that he booked us at a hotel close to the downtown area where there is tons of shopping. I looked at this hotel and its location. He did a mighty good job. The view is spectacular. The hotel looks posh. I am not used to staying at such a place.

He is making up for his errors in judgment. I accept. Next month can't come any sooner!


  1. Yes, it clears the air. That's always good. Not to bottle up until the pressure gets to the roof. And a room with a view. Sounds pretty wonderful to me.
    If you don't post before you leave: have a wonderful time. I will be looking forward to your adventures over there.


    1. My guy tends to bottle his feelings up, although he has improved quite a bit since I have known him. It requires some effort for him.

      As for me, it felt good to talk about what was on my mind. We both gained perspective.

      The hotel looks wonderful and the neighbourhood sounds perfect for tourists. I leave in mid-November, so I still have some time to write. My guy leaves a week earlier. I will take your well wishes right now. I will definitely write about what we see and do there.

  2. Sorry you had a disagreement but happy to see you two worked everything out. I am sure you will have a wonderful time.

    Hugs and Blessings...

    1. Thanks, Cat! My guy has been there before, so he will be my tour guide. The only problem is having him remember where all these cool eateries and tourist attractions are, since he is horrible with directions and addresses!

    2. Buy a map so you can show him where it is!


    3. Sometimes maps don't help, either. In Stockholm, I had to ask him which store he was in where he purchased his train pass in the shopping mall when he was there a couple of months ago. We stood in front of the shopping mall directory with the map. He couldn't remember. We ended up walking around the mall. Finally, I looked at a convenience store that looked promising. We got our train passes, but he still couldn't remember if that was the store.

      So, we'll see what happens. Chances are that I will end up leading us to various sites, which is okay. We are both comfortable with that.