Sunday, October 26, 2014

Directions and songs about hot dogs

My guy was in Montreal all last week for work. We talked on Skype a handful of times, which helps ease the pain from being away from each other.

He is directionally challenged. I often tease him. On the contrary, I am pretty good with directions. Even when I am in an unfamiliar city, if you give me a map, I am fine getting around.

Montreal can be a bit confusing, for it isn't truly on a grid system. When I was there a few years ago, I drove there from Toronto and was perfectly fine. It helps that my car has a built-in GPS.

My guy's lifeline is his GPS. Without it, he is truly helpless. Well, that fact changed.
"For the first time, I drove with two GPSs," he said to me.
"What?" I replied, puzzled by his statement.
"I had my regular GPS with me and the one on my phone," he stated.
"Why did you need two?"
"My regular one wasn't giving me accurate directions. My phone was much better at it for the most part."
I would be pretty distracted having two GPSs going simultaneously. I could go crosseyed if I had them on either side of the steering wheel!

I joke often that he stays with me because whenever we go shopping together, I can lead him to his car after we're done. What he needs is a phone application that tells him where he has parked. I have one on my phone, but haven't used it.

We are silly together, especially when we're tired. We talked about his experience going to Costco in downtown Montreal, which he found just fine. I always bug him that he never buys me a hot dog from the place.
"Oh, no. Not this conversation again," my guy said with dread.
"You can buy tons of hot dogs there," I said with childlike wonder.
"Hot dogs are bad for you with tons of chemicals," he sang.
"No, they aren't," I replied.
"Yes, they are. Hot dogs should not be consumed by you," he sang some more.
"They are yummy, yummy, yummy!" I sang back at him with my reply.
It made him laugh. I couldn't help but to laugh with him. It's not everyday that you have a singing conversation about hot dogs.


  1. Very cute post CB. I am now convinced that your guy is at least a cousin of mine...I am directionally and geographically challenged as were two of my uncles. The joke in my family is that I can get lost going around the block.

    Singing conversation about hot dogs...that is funny. Tell your guy that one or two or three hot dogs once in a while is not gonna hurt ya.

    Hugs and Blessings...

    1. I will tell him that he has a long lost cousin. My guy is capable of getting lost around the block, too!

      I tell him often that having a hot dog now and again won't be detrimental. He tells me to not have one because he cares about me. It's sweet, but I crave having a hot dog because it is indeed yummy. =)

  2. Two GPS, one on the right, one on the left? And he is wondering why you tease him with that? GPS is wonderful so you don't get lost. We would get lost every once in a while or in a city my wife turns to me and says OK, tell me the way we should go. And I would say, girl this is the first time in this city. why would I know?

    Anyway GPS stopped nagging 'ask someone, don't just drive aimlessly around' . I wouldn't of course. Ask someone.

    Have fun with your guy,


    1. It is probably a guy thing to not ask for directions. If my guy didn't have a GPS, I don't think that he would ask anyone, either. He would just be driving to a different city or country until he finds an electronics store. He'd go in and if it sells GPSs, he'd buy it immediately, which would guide him back to wherever he's going. =/

      My guy being directionally challenged is an endearing flaw that he has. I am afraid to ask him how me managed to get around before GPS devices were invented.