Sunday, March 12, 2017

Fifty Shades Darker soundtrack and CDs

I have a pretty good music collection. These days, it's easy to purchase and download music digitally. Some of the benefits include a lack of physical storage and portability.

However, I still like owning records (a.k.a, vinyl), cassettes, CDs, and concert DVDs. These days, my rule is that if I love an artist or band, that I will buy the artist's or band's latest CD or DVD.

Depeche Mode is a good example. I have already pre-ordered the band's latest CD. I am seeing them in concert this September.

I have been streaming the Fifty Shades Darker soundtrack these days. Both this soundtrack and the one for Fifty Shades of Grey are great. The variety and thoughtful selection of songs got me. I also like the artwork and information that you get with the CD.

On Saturday, I was at Walmart and bought the former soundtrack. It wasn't planned. It was staring at me. The price was pretty good, too.

I thought that I would be ordering it from Amazon. Sadly, many music stores in Canada aren't offering CDs in their stores any more. I don't see a CD section at Best Buy. HMV is closing across the country. Chapters Indigo has a decent music section, but the prices can run high.

I am thankful that Walmart has a music section still. I have fond memories of visiting music stores. I am glad that I can relive a bit of that now and again.


  1. I also have a fondness for vinyl, cassettes, CDs, etc., CB. There's something about the quality that...I have some original albums from the 60s, 70s and 80s. Lost my 8 track tapes in a flood but still have a few cassettes and some 45s. Will have to go listen to the FSOG soundtracks. ;)

    Hugs and blessings...Cat

    1. That's so true about the sound quality of records and cassettes. I still have my records from my childhood all the way use to the first year or two of university before I got my first CD player.

      I grew up with 8-track tapes. My parents still have many of them around, but the player died. I have fond memories of the Village People on 8-track tape. =)