Sunday, March 05, 2017

Early flight home, cuddles, and teasing

Sometimes, changes in plans work out nicely.

My guy's flight was scheduled to arrive at 19:35 on Saturday. I had planned to be at the office at around 20:00.

Well, I ended up having a late snack and was about fifteen minutes away from the office when I got a text from my guy. His flight was 55 minutes early! It is fairly rare that flights are that early. I suppose that there wasn't much of a headwind going on.

I texted my guy back and said that it wouldn't be a problem. It just meant that we'd have more quality time together.

My guy's taxi arrived just before 19:30. I walked over to his car.
"Hey, how are you?" he asked me, putting away his luggage in the trunk.
"I'm great. Can I drive your car?" I asked him.
"No," he said. "I have to run upstairs and drop these manuals. You can make yourself comfortable in the treehouse."
So, I did. The downside was that it was -8°C outside and his car was cold. Luckily, he came back in five minutes.
"How are things?" he asked me.
"I'm cold," I said, holding his hand.
"You're colder than I am. That's rare. Let me start the car," he said.
He started his car, made sure that the heater had kicked in, and came back to me.
"It should be warm soon, especially when we cuddle," he told me.
"Yes," I replied. "Now that you have your car's ignition on, I can jump into the front seat and drive it," I said, teasing him.
"In that case, I need to get you dopey fast," he said, smiling.
It's wonderful having him back to cuddle and tease.

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