Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Storm, travel, and Turkish delight

My guy is here for a few days before he flies off to Istanbul for business this weekend. We both didn't see each other on Tuesday, due to the snowstorm.

The snowstorm was a bit disappointing. Both of us did not get the predicted accumulations in our respective neighbourhood. We both worked from home. The good news is that I am glad that I did. The winds were extremely gusty that it wouldn't have been worth it to do the commute to and from work.

As usual, my guy is sweet.
"What would you like from Istanbul?" he asked me.
"I just want you back in my arms," I replied.
"You always have me," he said sweetly. "Did you want some Turkish delight?"
"Sure. If there is raspberry, I'd like that."
He's thoughtful. He told me that he thinks of me fondly whenever he is at this airport. It was my first time in a fancy lounge that had leather seats, a movie area, and fresh popcorn.

I remember how he bought me a snack from Starbucks and how he had to ask me where the lounge was. My guy is the first to admit that he is directionally challenged. Luckily, I am different.


  1. Happy you got to work from home. Awww...what a sweet guy...hope you get your Raspberry Turkish Delight. Oh and a nice hard spanking before he leaves. ;)

    Hug and blessings...Cat

    1. Me, too, on both the raspberry Turkish delight and a sound spanking. =)