Friday, March 10, 2017

Just send me the f*cking PowerPoint... words of wisdom

When you first meet my guy, you'd find that he is knowledgeable, bright, and funny. He has everything under control.

In my case, in addition to these fine attributes, I see him as being attractive and great, among other traits.

My guy is a sleepyhead. He travels a ton.

The other week, when he was in Stockholm, he was with a number of peers. He often will take his lunch hour and nap, because he is jetlagged.

He couldn't do that all last week. Various folks did presentations. He had no choice but to nap through some of them during the lunch hour. I don't know why they couldn't stop and have everyone eat or do whatever they needed to.
"I need to sleep at lunch to replenish and relax. It doesn't matter whether folks see me napping," my guy insisted.
"Okay, as long as you don't drool," I replied.
"I didn't," he assured me. "I don't understand why everyone needs to present stuff. It's so boring. Just send me the f*cking PowerPoint!" he whined.
That last comment made me laugh. We both laughed about that. Employees at our company often have to do presentations and create PowerPoint slides. The fact that my guy feels comfortable whining to me is sweet and endearing.

I want that saying as a bumpersticker in my car. My guy will need to trademark the statement. It's brilliant and funny!


  1. Oh now I know your guy and I are related! I said that exact same thing in a meeting not too long ago to a friend of mine!!! The blasted presenter was not using the PowerPoint as talking points but reading it word for freakin' word! I love my sleep also and have never understood the need for meetings during meals...everyone's brain needs a break! I'm sure you will reward your guy with a lovely visit to the treehouse as soon as he's home and rested. ;)

    Hugs and blessings...Cat

    1. Ugh! It bugs me when folks read off their slides word for word. Hello, I car read, too! It is one of my pet peeves when it comes to PowerPoint slides and presentations.

      I am convinced that you and my guy are related. I agree that we all need breaks. Thank goodness the weekend is here. =)