Monday, March 13, 2017

Being playful before, during, and after a spanking

The other day, my guy wanted to spank me. We were sitting in the treehouse. He moved closer to me and wanted to touch my butt.
"Oh, no," I said, playing the role of a girl who is avoiding a spanking.
"It's time," he said.
"I am going to remain seated where my butt is safe and secure," I said, which made him smile.
He tried pulling down my leggings from the front, but I wouldn't let him. He then tried again from behind. We both get excited with this sort of playfulness.

Eventually, I went over his knee and my punishment began. Pleasure followed soon afterwards for both of us.

I am so glad that we both like role-playing.


  1. Just found your blog a few days ago and have been enjoying catching up with your posts over the years. It's a fascinating to read an intimate journal going back 12 years. I share your urge to be spanked, though my girl isn't into the kink. She'll give a couple smacks on occasion during lovemaking, but it doesn't fulfill my desire for play. So I enjoy experiencing it vicariously through blogs like yours. Enjoying imagining all the heat and sensation you describe when your guy turns your bottom red and tingly.

    1. Hi, Styxman! Thanks for dropping by and taking the time to write. It means a lot!

      I am glad that you are enjoying following along. I haven't read my journal from start to the present.

      Never say never. I thought that my guy would not like to spank me, but he has grown to love it. So, I am hoping that your girl may have a change of heart.

      Take care,

  2. You two are very well suited, CB. Hope your work week goes better.

    Hugs and blessings...Cat

    1. Thanks, Cat! I hope that our workweek gets better as it progresses. =)