Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Manuals from sleepyhead

Before my guy left for his trip, he managed to leave me a stack of training manuals. Most of them are for my students. Two of the manuals are for someone who works on a different floor of our building. We both know each other. He used to be a quality assurance person, but switched over to being an application developer.

My guy left me an e-mail, apologizing for the delay in getting the manuals to me. Although my guy is busy, he remembered getting them to me, which is great. He also asked if it was okay to have this application developer fetch the manuals from me. Naturally, I was okay with this gesture. It's better to drop off manuals in one location than deliver them on two different floors when your mind is on getting to the airport to catch your flight.

This application developer has yet to contact me. I suppose that if he doesn't, his manuals are mine!

My guy is doing well. He doesn't handle jet lag well. He has a seven-hour difference, but he does manage to get his nap in during lunch.

He misses me. He told me that he hopes to see me soon. It's definitely mutual.


  1. LOL CB...I can see you're really hoping the app developer doesn't come pick up those manuals. Yup...your guy has it correct...naughty girl. ;) Your poor guy...I do hate jet lag also.

    Hugs and blessings...Cat

    1. Jet lag is never enjoyable to endure. It's always enjoyable being a naughty girl. =)