Saturday, March 18, 2017

Anal sex and intimacy in the treehouse

The other day, I was listening to the radio as I was driving to work, as I generally do. Folks were calling in to discuss what their most embarrassing moments were.

A woman called and indicated that she was working with a guy at their place of employment and ended up making out in the guy's pickup truck. His manager caught them and they both were embarrassed. The good news is that they have been happily married with children for a decade.

My guy and I have quality time in our treehouse (either my car or his). It makes sense considering that we live in opposing directions and it takes us an hour to drive to work on a decent traffic day.

For a while, my guy and I have thought about having anal sex in his treehouse. His treehouse is roomier than mine. Logistically, it would work.

Although we both like the idea of having a hotel for the weekend and escaping the world by being together, it doesn't always work well when we are horny and want to be intimate in a spontaneous fashion. So, we will give this idea a try and see how it goes.

My guy travels off to Istanbul later on today. We are expecting snow. I am hoping that it is a light dusting and that my guy has a smooth travel day.


  1. With all the troubles currently in Turkey I hope your guy stays safe and well.

    1. Thanks, DD! Istanbul isn't the same as when my guy and I were there together a few years ago. I am also hoping that he is safe while he is there.

  2. Maybe you two could alternate weekends at your homes when your guy is in town...especially if you want to try anal. Really need plenty of space and time for comfort. Hope your guy has safe travels.

    Hugs and blessings...Cat

    1. I agree, Cat. We have only engaged in anal sex a couple of times and both were in rooms.

      My guy's car is like a tank, so we'll see if it'll work when it comes to space and comfort. Otherwise, we'll need to stick with roominess.