Monday, March 20, 2017

Shamrock shake and period sex

I had my first shamrock shake on Friday night. I decided to give it a try when I visited McDonald's for a bite after work.

Canada is a bit behind as far as offering all-day breakfast at McDonald's. For a while, a handful of stores offered a limited selection of breakfast items. They proved to be a success. These days, you can get all-day breakfast at any store, except that the items are still limited.

As an example, I love the sausage McGriddle. It's only available during regular breakfast hours. I typically have that after I have visited the clinic for bloodwork and have been fasting for it.

However, the all-day breakfast does offer three types of McMuffins, so I am good. I tried the hotcakes (pancakes). Mine were cold and the person failed to provide me with maple syrup.

I suppose that I like breakfast for dinner because I don't often go out for breakfast. I typically eat before I go to work. If I am on vacation or on the road, I will either fix myself breakfast in my hotel room or go fetch some. Naturally, if I am going out for brunch, it depends on whether the restaurant offers breakfast items.

Anyway, getting back to my first shamrock shake in my entire life, I have also been fairly sheltered from the milkshake world at McDonald's. I rarely have them. I got into them when I lived in Minnesota. However, they were custard shakes from Culver's and were yummy.

So, I had the shamrock shake and it was okay. It tasted like fake mint. Thank goodness I only ordered the small. At least I can scratch this item off my bucket list.

It seems weird that I would also mention period sex in this post. I am roughly two hours away from finishing the Grey e-book. Ana and Christian engage in sex while Ana is on her period.

I personally don't feel like having sex when I am bloated and on my period. My guy has never asked to have sex while I am menstruating. I frankly told him that I don't think that both of us would like the sight of seeing blood during it. He nodded in agreement and is perfectly fine when I focus on my attention on him when we are intimate.

My guy loves to please me. When we started dating, he asked me whether it was okay to spank me while I was on my period. I didn't mind it, as long as I was clothed.

So, when it comes to trying a shamrock shake or period sex, I will decline both.


  1. McDonald's is just not one of my favorite places...haven't stepped foot in one for years and don't care for their milkshakes...shamrock or not. If I really want a milkshake, I will run down to the local ice cream shop in the next town (about 15 minute drive). It's very small with two walk up order windows. There are two benches to sit on outside...otherwise you stand around and visit with others or go sit in your car. :)

    Had an ex boyfriend that wasn't turned off by period sex who first approached me about trying it and since I was usually horny during that time, I agreed. ;) I used to have horrible, debilitating cramps during my periods and period sex actually relieved the cramps. But most men are turned off by it.

    Hugs and blessings...Cat

    1. There is a wonderful ice cream place in Winnipeg that made really good milkshakes. However, the ice cream was so good that I would get that instead. So good! In the summertime, when I was back there last year, it was so busy that I had to sit in my car and enjoy my ice cream. It worked out. It started pouring!

      That's interesting about period sex alleviating your horrible cramps. It makes sense considering how happy your endorphins are.

      I have bad cramps when I don't exercise. It's not fun being in the fetal position. When I do, the cramping is mild. Luckily, the cramping ceases after 24 hours.