Sunday, February 28, 2016

Tickling my foot and kissing in the elevator

Last Monday, I remember reluctantly leaving the meeting room in which my guy and I were in at work. I went over to my guy and kissed his forehead. We then kissed on the lips before I headed upstairs.

The meeting was delayed. After nearly an hour of sitting around, I returned to my guy. I showed him my fairly new pair of shoes. They were sherpa oxford shoes. They were originally $178, but I ended up paying $40 after taxes.

My guy liked the shoes. He even went so far as to stick his finger in my right shoe that I had up on the table for him to look at. He tickled the bottom of my foot, which made me giggle. I am ticklish.

My guy was done for the day. He packed up his stuff. We both stood up. He looked at my legs in my grey corduroys and admired them. These pants are comfortable and fitted.

I headed out the door with him. We waited for the elevator. It arrived and was empty. He wanted me to go down to the ground floor. I agreed.

The doors closed. We had three floors to kiss. We made our time worthwhile. We hugged and kissed. It was nice.

Luckily, we were going to see each other on Tuesday. It definitely makes the workweek more bearable.


  1. LOL CB...I am too ticklish and have a tendency to get violent if anyone touches my feet. ;) I have to the people at your company know that you two are a couple?

    Hugs and blessings...Cat

    1. I am ticklish, but have yet to kill anyone so far. =)

      I am pretty sure that folks at our workplace know that we are an item. We just keep things as professional as we can, but it's tough sometimes!