Thursday, February 18, 2016

Universities, a nerd, and an upcoming spanking

Tuesday was another long day. We got snow, so my getting to work by 07:15 didn't happen. I got there by 07:30. Leaving early didn't help much.

I asked my boss to drive us over to the university. He has snow tires. I have all-weather ones. It took us two hours to drive over there when it would normally take half that time.

We were on campus to interview student candidates for an internship. They are so bright and talented. It was a pleasure meeting and talking to them.

The folks at the university were great to buy us lunch. I wasn't expecting it, but the gesture was nice.

I believe that my guy has worked at both universities that I have recently visited. I was accepted to the university that I had visited for my undergraduate studies.

I told my guy the other day that it was nice knowing a nerd like him. He liked that compliment a lot.

There are a few more days left before I get to see him again. He is excited to see me. The feeling is certainly mutual.

Waiting is tough. I can't wait to be in his arms again and hold me. But, I have no choice but to wait.

A few more day before my bottom gets sore. He promises a hard spanking coming my way. It's long overdue!

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