Sunday, February 21, 2016

Hugging, kissing, and groping

I initially woke up at 07:00 in a panic, thinking that I was 20 minutes late for work. It then dawned on me that it was a Saturday, so I went back to bed.

Perhaps I woke up at that hour because my guy's plane had safely arrived at the airport at that time, too. Even though he knows that I generally am an early riser, he also knows that I enjoy sleeping in on the weekend. He didn't call me straight away.

He did call me just after 13:00. I had missed him by five minutes, as I was at Shoppers Drug Mart picking up a few items. I returned his call. We were both on the road. He told me that he'd call back again once I was checked in to the hotel. The check-in time was at 16:00. He had a course to teach till 18:30.

I had a good day shopping and taking my time driving westbound. Eventually, after stopping by an Italian bakery for some custard tarts, I checked in to the hotel. My room is comfortable, complete with a kitchenette.

My guy called me at around 18:40. I told him my room number and directions getting to my room. It was nice to hear his voice again.

I wore my black lacy bra and panties. I also had a blue top to match my short blue skirt.

Ten minutes later, he was knocking at my door.
"Are you the UPS guy?" I asked him.
"Maybe," he replied, with a sweet smile.
"You have come with a package," I said.
He came in with his bag of goodies from his travels. We didn't say anything. We kissed. He groped my butt -- both buttocks. I hugged him tightly.
"Yum, peanuts," I remarked, tasting his sweet lips.
"Yes, I had a Snickers bar," he replied.
"I have food here," I stated factually.
"I know."
Getting reacquainted in a comfortable hotel room is nice. More about how I ended up with a sore bottom is coming up in a future post.


  1. sweet. Looking forward to reading more about your reunion.

    Hugs and blessings...Cat

    1. It was a lovely weekend with my guy. There are definitely more posts to come. =)