Saturday, February 27, 2016

Spanking me and potentially spanking him

This week has been a bonus good week with my guy. He came into the office to talk to various folks about an upcoming course that he is planning out. 

On Monday, I had a last-minute meeting to go to. Unfortunately, we couldn't go out for lunch together. However, I did manage to drop by the room that he was in a couple of times.

My guy gently brush my hair away from my face and tucked it behind my left ear. He admired my pink earrings again and told me that liked them. He also looked at my helix piercing and played with the beaded hoop.

He can't keep his hands off me at times. I am not complaining. He simply is making up for lost time. He managed to caress my breast by going under my v-neck purple sweater to play with it. 

I had to go to my meeting. I was standing up and mentioned that my butt was still sore from the spanking I got from him on Saturday. He gave me a couple of smacks. He's so mean, but I liked it.

He told me that we should explore spanking him one of these days. On Saturday, I caressed his butt, told him that I liked it and found it attractive, and gently gave him a few lovetaps. He enjoyed them.

Miracles can happen. I am glad that he is open to trying out being spanked.


  1. Happy you've been able to at least pet each other a bit, CB. You'll have to let us know how things go if you two decide that you are going to be the spanker and your guy is going to be the spankee. ;)

    Hugs and blessings...Cat

    1. Will do, Cat. I am pleased that he is willing to explore being spanked. I will need to ease him into it. =)