Monday, February 22, 2016

Playful sex and cuddle time

My guy held my hand as he led me to the bed. His hand was cold, which is generally the case.

He took off my slacks. We cuddled. He placed his hand on my bare thigh. It was as if I had jumped into a cold swimming pool. He playfully continued touching me all over with his cold hands, which was fun and made me squirm.

We cuddled some more. He then found my crotch under my skirt and played with me.

He pulled down and off my panties, and made me reach orgasm. It was a fun evening of being intimate. At one point, my legs were over his shoulders as he had his hard cock in my vagina and his fingers up my butt. My orgasm was incredibly strong.

We then experimented with my thighs surrounding his hard cock. We both loved the thighwich!

We both came hard with my guy being inside of me. I like when he is on top of me and I can caress his bare butt. I managed to smack it lightly, which made him smile.

Afterwards, we were both so content and lethargic that we took a nap cuddling next to each other. He had his left thigh on mine. My right leg was bent over his leg. His hand was on my bent right thigh.

I love being with him. It has been so long since we have been together. Having a room and spending some quality time together was a wonderful way to welcome him back.


  1. So lovely to cuddle up and sleep together after having so much fun. Nice change of pace to be able to stretch out in bed together wasn't it. ;)

    Hugs and blessings...Cat

    1. It's heaven stretching out on huge king bed. We both loved cuddling and snoozing together. It was a wonderful, memorable evening. =)