Monday, February 15, 2016

Interviews, e-card, ramen, and nail polish

Last Friday was a pretty long day for me. I had to get up early to head to a university with my manager and interview prospective interns.

My manager had slept in late. He arrived twenty minutes late. I had arrived at the office parking lot at 7 am. I actually went into the building to fix myself a tea, came back out, got into my car, and reviewed my e-mail. I am that practical and surprisingly functional at that hour.

Long story short, but my manager hopped into my car at 7:35 am. I noticed that his car's headlights were on as I slowly pulled away, so we had to cycle back to his car. He got out and went back into this car to turn them off.

I am glad that I drove us there. He obviously wasn't fully awake. I also have a lead foot. I easily made up for lost time.

Anyway, I visited my guy's hometown. It has an excellent Japanese ramen restaurant. My manager and I loved the food there, which arrived quickly.

I told my guy about it. He was pleased that I had a good day. Of course, it would have been better with him there.

We exchanged Valentine's Day greetings. Since I have been with my guy, he always sends me an e-card for this occasion. He's sweet.

I ended up sending him a photo of my nail polish colour for the week. It's a nice blue on my fingernails.

Incidentally, one of the interviewees commented on how nice my nails looks. I had red polish on last week. My guy is right. My nails are nice, even to women!


  1. Kudos to you for being able to function so efficiently that early in the morning, CB! I am definitely not a morning person. :) So did you interview any promising candidates? Hope you find another like your current trainee...soon! ;)

    Hugs and blessings...Cat

    1. I get to do it all again in a few hours. We definitely have a couple of promising students. We have another set of students to interview at another university. Here's hoping that I function well again. =)