Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Back home -- sick, tired, and happy

On Sunday night, I returned safely home from my vacation. The flight was rather long. It wasn't the smoothest trip.

I didn't realize that you can't pack nail polish in your checked-in luggage in Shanghai. Sadly, I had to surrender three bottles of Formula X polish that I had brought with me. I just found out that this entire line of nail polish is being discontinued at Sephora. It's a bummer, for this polish works well for me. It stays on for a long period and I love the colours.

I also had a can of dry shampoo. Apparently, it is okay to pack that in your luggage. I also had a bottle of water with me. You can bring that through security. I don't get it, but what do I know?

For the first time, I left my passport at security after my carry-on belongings and I went through the scanners. I normally hold my passport in my hand, but the guy tossed it with my laptop. So, I didn't fetch it until five minutes later when I realized that I didn't have it with me.

I didn't sleep much on my fourteen-hour flight back. The three folks in front of me were constantly yakking for the first four hours. The guy in the same row, separated by the aisle, had his reading light on the entire time. I also flew back with a cold and an annoying, mucus-abundant cough, so that wasn't fun either.

And, yes, my flight was delayed by forty minutes. Customs in Toronto took forever. I managed to select one that was interrogating every little thing with folks who could not speak English and needed an interpreter. Wonderful!

When she got to me, my interaction with her took a minute. I didn't mind the wait, as I was sweating so much from dashing here and there that I needed to cool off.

I do like the express walkway. That helped a ton.

I took a limo taxi to my office. My car was still there after over two weeks.

When I was driving to my workplace to ultimately catch a taxi to the airport back then, a stone hit my windshield and chipped it. By the time I had arrived at my workplace, it was a good four-inch crack. On Sunday, it was much larger. It was a swirl. Sadly, I will need to get the entire windshield replaced. Ugh!

There is a silver lining, though. I went into the office after the taxi had driven to my car and had offloaded my luggage. On my desk, my guy had left two boxes of Turkish delight, which made everything better.


  1. GOSH sounds like you had quite a time! I would have been so frazzled I'd be ready to kill someone. you must really like Turkish delight to have that make things better. I don't think ANYTHING would have made me feel ok after that tedious collective encounter with the airport agents!

    1. I felt like killing a car insurance representative yesterday afternoon. I did let her have it. More on that another day! On the whole, I am fairly together, even when I am not at my best.

      Yes, getting Turkish delight, especially from my guy, cheers me up. =)