Friday, June 02, 2017

Birkenstock sandals and blisters

I have a love-hate relationship with Birkenstock sandals. They support your feet nicely and are comfortable once you break them in. The problem? The entire breaking-in process.

Every year, I need to break them in. I had thought that a couple of days of wearing them would be enough. Nope.

I wore them on my first full day in Shanghai. By the time it was late afternoon and I was sitting on the tour bus heading back to the main stop closest to my hotel, I touched my left heel and noticed blood. Not only did I develop a blister, but it had burst. Both blood and fluid was at the bottom of my heel. Luckily, I carry tissue, so I wiped up and tried to stop the mess from oozing out.

I do come prepared. I came back to my hotel room, cleaned up my heel area, and found my stash of bandages. It has been three days and the area has nearly dried up.

If you do experience a blister on your foot that bursts, do not try and get rid of the flap of skin. It's better to have it there to protect the area from any infection. Just wait for the area to dry on its own. I tend to have a bandage on it when I am out. When I am back at home or the hotel, I let the area breathe without wearing any shoes or socks on.

Being on vacation is never dull!

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