Sunday, June 25, 2017

Meeting new employees over lunch and finding out that I am appreciated

While I was away on vacation, we had three new employees joining our team. I am typically the one who trains anyone new who joins our team. For the last couple of waves of new hires, one of my co-op students has been doing it.

It's nice to get some of this work off my plate. It's reduces my workload and stress. My co-op student realized the first time that she did training that it requires a lot of water and admitted that she doesn't know how I can talk so much!

Getting back to the three new employees, I hadn't officially welcomed them to the team. I did it through an e-mail before I left for my vacation. I didn't feel too bad, though. After all, I had interviewed all three of them.

On Friday, I got to sit down and have lunch with them, as well as a few other colleagues. Our team has a weekly lunch on Friday. No one is obligated to go, but I then to go because I like food and don't want to pack a lunch that day. It was great catching up with them over a leisurely meal.

While I was away, my manager took over working with my three students. It's funny, but one of them told me that my manager admitted to them that I do more work than he realized and that he was appreciative. Perhaps I should go on vacation for extended periods and make my manager even more appreciative of what I do!


  1. Oh it's always so nice to know that you are appreciated. at work, and elsewhere! and yes, maybe the absence makes them realise how much work you actually do!!!

    1. I agree. I should be absent from work more often. ;)