Thursday, June 29, 2017

Multiple visits at work because we miss each other

This post is slightly out of sequence. I was going to talk about part 2 on Tuesday. Instead, this post is about Monday.

I can always tell when my guy misses me. When we are in the office, he visits me multiple times.

In the afternoon, he came by my desk and dropped off a couple of manuals that I needed.
"Ooh, are those manuals?" I asked, happy to see him.
"Yes, they are," he replied, looking happy that I was hugging the manuals with glee.
"Thanks so much!" I said.
"You're welcome," he replied, smiling.
"I was going to say that it's like Christmas in July, except that it's June," I admitted.
"Yes, but it's only for one product instead of two," he confirmed.
"That's okay. I'm still happy," I replied.
"So, it's Christ, without the mass," he joked, which made me laugh.
My department is hiring another writer. I actually had to ask my manager what this person would be doing. At long last, this person would be taking over some of my work.
"You know that we are hiring another writer. You could join my team. The problem is that you'd be working for me," I said to my guy, smirking.
"You're really tough, though," he said, smiling back.
It was a nice pick-me-up moment in the afternoon to see him. We both loved seeing each other.

Just before I left the office for the day, I sent him a text message, wishing him a good night and to drive home safely. He reciprocated.

As I was putting my bag into my car, my guy pulled up in his car. It was great. We chatted for a bit. I reached in his car and caressed his perfectly uniform head. He has started to grow his hair, so it's short and soft to the touch. 

I went and gently caressed his left cheek. He liked that so much that he kissed my hand twice.

I thanked him for making my day by letting me drive his car. He was beaming, loving this moment before we both headed home.


  1. This post was so sweet! Moments that some take for granted can be the highlights of our day if we let them! Hurray for visits!

    1. So true, Fondles! It's great to cherish such small, but meaningful moments.