Saturday, June 24, 2017

Turkish delight and tastebuds

A couple of weeks ago, I picked up two boxes of Turkish delight that my guy has bought for me from Istanbul. He left them on my desk at work. I picked them off after having flown in from Shanghai and had to pick up my car at the office. I have grown to love Turkish delight.

Years ago, I tried the Turkish Delight candy bar that you get at the local convenience store. I disliked it. It tasted gross.

The authentic, flavourful version from Istanbul is yummy. My guy and I went into a store and I sampled raspberry Turkish delight. It was so good. I have longed for it ever since. I asked my guy if he could get me some.

My guy apologized that he couldn't find any. I was so sick with bronchitis that my tastebuds were shot. I had a cube of Turkish delight once I got home and imagined that it tasted like raspberries. I could only figure out that there was some acidic flavour in there, but couldn't make out what flavour I was eating.

My tastebuds are back. He got me two boxes of assorted fruit flavours, with rose ones mixed in. The orange, lemon, and strawberry and yummy. I have always enjoyed the rose.

He did well. I am also thankful that I can enjoy tasting what I eat again!

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