Thursday, June 22, 2017

Seeing my guy all next week and noticing improvements in my vision

My guy works from home most of the time. He doesn't have a huge need to come into the office, unless he is there for training or has to talk to someone.

He let me know that he is in the office all next week. It's wonderful news, as it means that we will have lunch dates. We both miss them.

The other thing is that he is normally the one who is delivering training. This time around, he is attending a course.

My good news is about my right eye. If you have been reading along for a while, you will know that I had an eye stroke back in late March. On Wednesday, I went back to my ophthalmologist for my third eye injection.

To recap, my first injection containing a pretty powerful drug did a lot of good. A lot of the blood clotting in my central vision dissipated. My second injection continued the trend, although the improvement wasn't as drastic.

I did an eye test on Wednesday. The eye assistant was pleased that I was reading the eye charts well for both eyes.

I then talked to my ophthalmologist, who said that my right eye is "almost perfect." It's great news! After this injection, I will go back in a month to get another assessment. If all goes well, my monthly injections will be staggered over longer periods.

My second injection wasn't too pleasant. We both felt that there wasn't enough numbing done to my eye, so I felt more than I should have. This time around, his assistant put more numbing fluid in my eye and he made sure that there wasn't any stinging happening when he cleaned my eye with iodine. All went well with the needle.

It's definitely encouraging news about my sight. I am glad that I am recovering nicely. My guy never doubted that, which I love him for being so positive and supportive.


  1. Gosh it sounds like a real stressful thing - having injections to the eye! I'm a wimp so I salute you! Glad to hear it's healing up nicely. And in time to see him all of next week too! Have many lunch dates!!

    1. It is odd to have a needle injected in the white part of your eye, but I am good with it now. I'm amazed at how effective they have been.

      I can't wait till next week. Lunch dates are the best!