Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Birthday suggestions, including unwrapping my guy

My guy and I had this chat over lunch on Tuesday.
"Thanks for letting me drive your car yesterday," I said. "It was like an early birthday present."
"Speaking of birthday, what gifts would you like?" he asked me once again.
"The usual... I want you. Can we put you in a box? It may be difficult finding a tall one, but we'll make sure that there are holes at the top so you can breathe," I teased.
"How about just putting a bow around my hard member?" he said, smirking.
"We need an elastic for the bow, as your member expands and contracts," I remarked.
"What else would you like?" he asked me.
"I want a spanking," I replied.
"It doesn't have to be on your birthday," he hinted.
"I know. I want one, though. I'd also like to unwrap you," I pointed out.
"I would like that," he replied, smiling. 
We had a good lunch. I told my guy that he is great at giving gifts. I did give him a gift suggestion. He liked it and it won't be difficult for him to find the item.

There's part two of our day, which will be covered in an upcoming post. It has been a great couple of days seeing my guy so far this week.


  1. How does your guy react when you ask for a spanking? Does it excite him?
    Can't wait to hear about your special gift suggestion and about the second part of your day!

    1. He does get excited when I want him to spank me. I'm definitely excited, but spanking me leaves me open to my guy pleasuring me, which he enjoys doing so much. He likes the access. =)

      The second part does make us both excited, so you're on the right track!

  2. Oh an elastoc band for the expanding and contracting! I hadnt thought about that!!