Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Concert and parking lot changes

The other night, I went to see a concert. I had a fabulous time!

I used to work downtown. I have a particular parking lot where I park and walk over to the venue. It has been roughly a couple of years since I have parked at this lot. It has changed! It no longer is dumpy. Luckily, the price is still right.

After the show, I walked back to the building in which the parking lot is located. The security guard and I had a brief conversation. He was pleasant and asked me if I was going to the parking lot. I was and even indicated the level. He was kind to point to the elevator that would take me down. I had used a different elevator that got me on the mezzanine level earlier in the evening. I thanked him and continued on my merry way.

Unfortunately, leaving the parking lot was annoying. The person in front of me could not get his payment method going at the exit area. After patiently waiting for him to get his transaction done for five minutes, I went to a different kiosk, put my ticket in, and left.

I do like the new parking lot. The parking spaces are wide, which prevents idiots from dinging my car if I am parked next to them.


  1. HAHA the other day we were stuck behind a van who couldn't get his exit sorted either. The worst thing is the cars that were many cars behind us started honking. Duh - like as if anyone could do anything about it. (Honking in an underground lot is LOUD!!)

    1. OMG, what's the point of honking in an underground parking lot! I agree that it's dumb and loud. It's not like honking is going to make the guy pay faster. Ugh!