Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Miracles happen... I drove my guy's car!

For probably a good two years, I have been teasing my guy to let me drive his car. He is like a little boy when it comes to his car. He doesn't want to let anyone drive it. It's his.

I did my usual routine as we walked over to his car on Monday.
"Can I drive your car?" I asked him.
"Sure! I don't see why not," my guy replied.
"Really? You're feeling okay?" I asked him.
"Yes! You're a good driver," he told me.
He let me drive his car. I had to brush the crumbs that he had left from eating breakfast while driving into work. He apologized. He's boyish that way.

I was shocked to drive his car. It handles well. It's like my car, with simulated manual gear shifts, except his car is built like a tank. I also got to check his temperature by touching his forehead. He wasn't running a fever. It was also the perfect time to caress his perfectly uniform head, which I find highly attractive.

We visited our usual Chinese restaurant for lunch. Our usual servers commented that it has been a while since we were there.

While waiting for our orders, I was still stunned.
"I still can't believe that you let me drive your car," I said.
"Maybe it's because I miss you so much that I said yes," he said, smiling at me.
Maybe. He advised that he didn't get a brain transplant, so I will go with his theory.

I suppose that his letting me drive his car is one of my early birthday gifts. I got him a few gifts from my trip to Shanghai:

  • Jasmine tea, which he told me that he loves
  • Chinese currency (Yuan or Renminbi), as we are both currency collectors
  • Dark chocolate, which he loved, including the tin box
It was a happy day for both of us. We both missed each other.


  1. Hmmm BIKSS is supposed to let me drive his car too. I think we thought we'd do it today since he had half the day off but i'd forgotten till now!

    1. Glad I helped remind you. Here's hoping that you do soon!