Monday, June 19, 2017

2011 - year of the Cutiebootie

A while back, my guy and I had this conversation.
"We started dating back in 2011," my guy remarked.
"I'm impressed that you remember," I said to him, thoroughly impressed.
"How can I forget? I will always remember it being the year of the Cutiebootie," he said, smiling.
It doesn't seem that long, but it was a magical day in September. He met me at work, fresh from a trip from Portugal. It was the first time that we hugged, kissed, and he spanked me across a desk at work.

I got in a reflective mood. It is a good thing that I blog. It was nice reminiscing by reading a number of posts from early on in our relationship.

I love that the spark is still there and that we have grown as a loving, fun couple.


  1. I often enjoy reading old posts too. Like u, i'm glad i have it all on my blog to clme back to and reminisce!