Saturday, June 17, 2017

Why can't medical folks communicate well?

My biggest beef this year seeing various medical folks is that they don't communicate with one another. As someone who needs to communicate with people often, it drives me crazy.

The other day, when I went in to see my doctor for my regular quarterly checkup, as well as for my bronchitis. She asked a ton of questions about my eye stroke. I couldn't answer any of them. I asked if she got the report from my ophthalmologist. She didn't. I know that I gave him my family doctor's name and address.

She asked for the phone number of my ophthalmologist's office. Luckily, I had that on my phone. So, I showed her the number on my cell phone. She called her receptionist and asked to get my report from that office.
"Do you mind waiting for the report?" she asked me.
"Frankly, I want to go home and sleep," I admitted. "I don't know how long it will take."
"You have a good point."
I had already waited for 40 minutes in the waiting room to see my doctor. Why do I need to do it for an unspecified period when I am obviously not feeling well with all that coughing and sniffling?

My doctor is understanding. She said that she would follow up with me once the report comes to her. I just wish that medical folks made my life easier, rather than causing more havoc that I do not need to be subjected to.


  1. I know what you mean. Half the time I feel as tho I have to do the job myself if I want anything done. There actually was a time when I physically carried my mum's hospital file from one specialist clinic to another because they just couldn't get it done in a timely manner! I was so annoyed I went up there and got it myself and brought it down to the other clinic.

    1. I used to do that with x-rays. I would just get them from one doctor and deliver them to another. We shouldn't have to do the job of other folks, but at least we're reliable and efficient!