Monday, March 05, 2018

Dinner and spanking options

We left the office the other night and headed towards my car. Although dopey, my guy noticed my winter tires.

"Hey, I get to see your winter tires on Bluie for the first time," he said.
"Yep, they are my Michelins," I replied.

We got into my car and I drove us to our usual Chinese restaurant. It was nice holding hands along the way.

I parked. We walked over to the restaurant. We had forty minutes before the restaurant would close for the evening.

We were promptly seated at a booth. We were advised that the kitchen would be shutting down at 21:30.
"What do I normally get?" my guy asked me, still sobering up.
"You get the ginger beef," I replied.
"Oh, yeah. That's right," he said, smiling at me.
Moments later, I placed our order. We then chowed down.

My guy sobered up quite nicely once there was food in his system.
"Do you know how much your hotel room was when you visited me?" he asked me.
"I'm not sure. I'll need to look my bill up," I said, getting my phone.
My guy is pretty good at paying me back. Although I would have been fine shelling out the bill, he always insists on at least splitting the cost. He's sweet that way.

We finished just before the restaurant closed. Nice! We paid and left.

I drove us back to the office.
"I can either spank you in your car or at the office. I'm giving you the choice," he said, holding my hand.
"How about at the office? You have never spanked me there since we moved buildings," I said.
"Sounds good. No one is at the office at this hour," he noted.
"I'm a good girl, though," I playfully teased.
"No, you're not. Why do you think that I always spank you?" he asked.
"You like to," I noted.
"I do," he admitted.
I always enjoy getting a spanking from him.

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