Wednesday, March 07, 2018

Vacation is coming... yay!

I am on vacation in a day. I just finished packing. My flight is fairly early on Thursday morning, so I am heading over to a hotel close to work and will crash there for an evening.

I always feel like I have forgotten something. Luckily, I will be in the States, so I can pretty much find anything that I need.

The other day, I asked my guy whether he needed anything. Naturally, he said that he was good. He also said that I'm good with gifts, so he left it to me to choose something for him.

The only downside to travelling now is that our dollar isn't all that strong. Sure, it's better now than it was a year ago. However, I will be shelling out more than I want to.

I do have self-control these days when it comes to spending. I have a few items that I want to buy while I am down south, but they won't be breaking the bank.

Starting Thursday, I won't be blogging as regularly as I have been. A girl needs a break! I will check in here and there, but will be enjoying being away from a computer or laptop for a bit.

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