Tuesday, March 06, 2018

My spanking at work

I parked in front of our office at around 22:15. My guy and I badged into the building, and then took the elevator to our floor.

We entered our little meeting room. We both took off our coats. My guy was sitting down, in front of the mini table in the room.
"It's time for your spanking," he stated, pointing at the table's white surface.
"You mean I sit here?" I asked, sitting where he had just pointed.
"No, the other way," he said, gesturing in a circle to reverse myself.
I bent over the table. Surprisingly, it is the perfect height and size for a spanking.

I was wearing blue jeans that were hugging my legs and were form-fitting.
"It's too bad that we don't have a paddle," he said.
With that statement, he started spanking me with his hand. My entire spanking was over my tight jeans. My guy smacked each buttock hard.
"It hurts," I whined playfully.
"Good, you've been a bad girl," he commented, continuing to spank me.
It was a nice, long spanking. He must have given me close to a hundred smacks.

At one stage, he was caressing my calves, thighs, and butt, and then gave me a few hard smacks.
"You are such a tease, Mr. Meanie!" I exclaimed.
"I can't help it. I love your legs and your cute butt," he admitted.
Finally, he made me reach orgasm, which felt so good. I was limp and rested for a bit. He gave me a few light smacks across my butt before I got up and hugged him.

We cuddled for a while. It was the perfect evening considering that we were at work.


  1. I've been away and just now got to see this post. I am a big fan of your adventures, and this is one of the best. Very exciting and a bit risky to get spanked and pleasured at work. You got such a thorough, satisfying spanking. I'm imagining how it must have sounded inside the meeting room. And how wet you must have been from arousal after 100 spanks. Did he get you off by rubbing through your jeans or did he slip his hand inside to give you the orgasm you craved? I am very aroused from imagining what you described.

    1. I have been away for a bit, too. Thanks for dropping by and leaving kind words. It was our first time being at work for a spanking. Our rooms don't offer a ton of privacy. At that hour of the evening, we were fine.

      He rubbed my jeans to get me off. It didn't take much, as I was so aroused by being spanked long and hard. It was a wonderful, memorable night!