Thursday, March 29, 2018

Birthday boy's wish - sex and a spanking

The other day, it was my guy's birthday. It is rare that we are together on our birthdays. I wished him a happy birthday in a text. He was funny by thanking me and then indicating that he had forgotten.

We got to chat later on that day.
"I loved when I got to spend the entire day travelling with you to Seattle on your birthday," I reminisced.
"I did, too. It was nice," he agreed.
"It was a special day," I pointed out.
"Yes, you made me horny, high, and happy," he replied.
"What would you like me to do to you on your special day?" I asked him.
"If you were here, I'd want you to kiss me all over, and then kiss my hard cock," he noted.
"I would love that. I can suck you until you cum," I offered.
"Yes. After that, I would bend you over to smack your bare butt until it was red. I'd then take you from behind until we both cum," he described, which turned me on.
Even though we are apart, it feels like we are together. A few more days and we'll be together again.

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