Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Costco.ca account hacked - fraudulent order

It is another episode of having my credit card compromised. Luckily, things end well.

On Monday evening, I was exercising on my glider and checking my e-mail on my phone. I noticed an e-mail alert from my costco.ca account saying that my account changes went through. That alert was odd. I haven't logged on to this account for at least a month.

I decided to give it a try. Sure enough, I had been hacked. My mailing address had changed, as did my phone number. My date of birth was wrong, too.

I immediately changed my password. I then went back and changed my contact information.

This person decided to order a Samsung Galaxy S9+ phone in lilac purple using the credit card that I had on file. It was a transaction just over $1200 CAD. The only positive thing that I can say is that I concur with the colour choice. That's about it.

I immediately cancelled my order. For the reason for cancelling this order, I stated that my account was hacked. Customer service was closed at 9 pm. I will need to call back during business hours.

I went over to my saved credit cards and deleted the lone credit card on file. I won't be saving any credit cards on this site going forward.

After all of that, I called my credit card company to inform it of this fraudulent charge. Naturally, I won't be charged. I also let the woman know that I had cancelled this horrible order. My credit card has now been cancelled. A new card will be coming my way.

It is sad that costco.ca does not have a fraud department or some after-hours line. I had called support, but it is for their products.

It's not fun being a victim of such an act. I am simply thankful that I acted quickly to undo everything.

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