Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Teasing my guy on driving his future car

My guy is extremely protective of his car. I love teasing him about it, even when he doesn't have his future car.
"I want to get a 70's car," he admitted, bringing up a conversation we have had a while back.
"I know that you do. You'd be driving a boat," I remarked.
"Yes, cars back there were long," he noted.
"I can't wait to drive it," I replied.
"I won't be driving it into work," he said firmly.
"That's okay. When I visit you, I can drive it," I teased.
"Um, no. You are never driving it," he replied.
"I will wear you down like I have in the past," I remarked.
"You are my sweet kryptonite," he admitted.
I enjoy teasing him. He likes when I do, too.

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