Saturday, March 24, 2018

Travel and hotel plans

It can be tough when my guy and I are apart. On a good note, it makes us look forward to when we'll see each other.
"I miss you," he told me the other day.
"I miss you, too. When do you fly back?" I asked him.
"I arrive on Saturday at 07:30," he noted.
"You tend to get the early flights back," I remarked.
"Yes, I do. It may be too early for us to me," he said.
"How did we do it the last time? Oh, I got a room," I recalled.
"That's right," he remembered.
"I can do that again," I offered.
"I would love it," he said, taking the offer up.
We get to see each other in a week. We are both excited about it.
"Will you wear that shirt that shows your shoulders and your long, sexy legs?" he asked.
"Sure. Anything for you," I said.
It's always fun to plan in advance.

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